The Quest for Comfort

If you remember, Jeremy decided we needed to take the futon out. We now have no couch or bed in the living room area. This is only an issue because we have a 16 year old that lives with us every other weekend. He has no real bed.

Thankfully, he’s not hard to please. We have a decent cot that fits perfectly in the living room. He happily sleeps on this and doesn’t complain one bit. I do, though.

I want him to be able to be comfortable and I want our living room to be at least a little wee-bit stylish. Not helping is the fact that Jeremy has already flipped the bump that was part of the basement into a flat floor panel. To do that, he had to remove the carpet from the bump that was there. So, we have some bare wood showing off for anyone standing by the door to see. Thankful that we live in the country and don’t have many visitors.

To speed along the process of regaining a bed for our child and covering up the ugly hole in the floor, we decided to go searching for a sofa-sleeper or a futon. There are some challenges to this that I didn’t think about. First, we live in an RV. It needs to fit through the tiny door. Second, we live in an RV. It needs to fit the dimensions we have; there is no “moving the other furniture” to make room for an overstuffed sofa or a massive L-shaped couch. Third, we live in an RV. Losing storage or bed functionality is really not an option; it needs to be multi-purpose.

I watched a video posted by The Wandering Wyatts that showed a perfect description of what we’d like to try. They show their bed in the tour of their RV home and I loved the storage included in the bed. With a little research, we found one that I like. IKEA has the model that I thought would be great. We decided on a field trip.

This field trip would be a first for me. I’ve never been in the mountain that is IKEA. My wonderful husband has warned me that he’s gotten lost in there before. Apparently, other people have also, because they now have maps and arrows to follow to safety outside of the simulated houses encased in the big blue shell. We had no problem navigating to where we wanted to go.

We went straight to the sleeper-sofa part of the living room setups. We found not one, but 4 examples of the 2 types of couch we’d like. We lay on them and found them to be comfortable. We opened them and found them to have ample storage. We converted them to couches, beds, and back again. We even found a very helpful sales lady.

When we started measuring was the issue. It seems that our RV couch must have been 4 inches shorter than the couches we really want. At 78 inches long, all IKEA couches were just a tad too long for our 74″ space. All 3 of us were sore about it. We started making plans of how to buy one and modify it to fit our space. Our helpful sales lady even made a few suggestions on IKEA hacks we could use to fit these lovely sofa-sleepers; all “not in (her) yellow shirt, mind you”.

Then, the price tags hit us. Even these “reasonably priced” pieces of furniture were still a bit too expensive for our budget. If we had a 50% off coupon, we would have bought. As it was, we dreamed and discussed. We wandered the store some more and found a captains bed with interesting options that might work for us; same budget issue though. We left a bit dismayed and a bit frustrated that we couldn’t find exactly what we needed.

Next, we went to the Mall of America, which sits right across the road from IKEA. In the mall, we checked out the Love Sac store. Someone suggested that we might find something that would work for a convertible bed-sofa mix. While they do have a sectional sofa that transitions to both a king and 2 twin beds, we don’t have space for that piece either. Shopping is all we really got to do, other than trying some Rybicki cheese.

When we got home, Jeremy started the hunt for some gently used pieces. We would still love to find our IKEA loves. He sent me some great options from Facebook garage sale pages, one craigslist find, and a few Amazon beauties. None have worked out so far.

I also started using my tiny bit of art skills to do some interior decorating. It would be really cool to have the time and energy and money to build our perfect front end. So far, I’ve only drawn how I hope our couch and loveseat combo would fit into The Girl Next Door. I would like to draw individual pieces with measurements too. I want to really make this a reality. Having a king sized front sleeping area for guests and the youngest would be really cool. I know I have some handy people in my life that might be able to make it a reality. If not, I may be learning how to create furniture.

Some day, we will have a sofa-sleeper option in our front end. For now, our 16 year old sleeps on a cot (which he preferred to the uneven futon before) when he comes over and we don’t really have guests for now. We’ll continue looking for the perfect set up. For those of ¬†you with an RV, what’s your setup look like? Have you found a good transitional couch/bed combo that works for you? Extra points if you have one that’s under 74″. I hope to hear your input when we see you on the road.

2 thoughts on “The Quest for Comfort

  1. We’ve got a similar dilemma. The upholstered furniture that came with our 5th wheel was crap. We replaced the theatre seating but still have a big empty space where the love seat was. (Well, not empty space – it’s holding materials for other projects!) Hubby wants a sofa/lounger with storage, I’m thinking a lightweight chair or maybe a desk setup for me, as I am tired of moving all of my stuff from the table when we eat. Keep us posted on what you find. Good luck!

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